Welcome to Koraf Hotels and Apartments

Koraf Hotels opened for business on the 1st of March 2012 and is a family-owned apartment hotel run by Koraf Hotels and Apartments Limited, a company incorporated in Nigeria. Located at the foot of Dawaki Hills in the capital city of Nigeria, Koraf Hotels presents an interesting interplay of hills, rocks and gardens complemented by exquisite facilities. The uniqueness of this setting makes for a worthwhile experience for the guests each time.

Koraf Hotels Abuja is 35 minutes drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja and 10 minutes from the Central Business District all on excellent dual carriageways that make for a very smooth drive.

Our mission is to provide exceptionally high quality services to our guests in a relaxed homely environment with all the comfort current technology can provide.

Our vision is to be in the top ten apartment hotel chains in Nigeria with a continental reach.

Based on the above, we have developed exquisitely furnished facilities that are attractively priced to ensure that you get twice the value and twice the comfort. These include our hilltop conference facilities that are ideal for workshops, conferences and social events. Our three restaurants provide both indoor and outdoor catering services with exciting dinning options.

Our staff, with varied experiences in the hospitality industry, have been carefully selected to ensure that quality and timely services are provided always.

We welcome you to enjoy the serenity and comfort in beauty that our natural environment bestows.